A Proactive Approach for Breeders and Healthier Pets

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Who we are

A family of animal lovers who understands the delicate nature of protecting breeders’ reputation and pet's health through timely and direct communication with pet owners ensuring a streamlined process until the spay/neuter contracts are fulfilled.

What we do

Our effort focuses on helping breeders by enforcing spay/neuter contracts in a timely manner, thus protecting reputation and breed lines from accidental or intentional breeding without consent. We directly send spay/neuter contracts to pet owners.

How can we help

Utilizing our smart compliance 360º system we communicate with pet owners and/or pet veterinarian ensuring compliance with spay/neuter contracts. Proof of spay/neuter is submitted it to the breeder for approval and releasing pet owners from the contract.


We understand that as breeders protecting the integrity of your breed lines is a priority. Spay/neuter contracts legally binding and are enforceable if necessary to protect breeders. Non-compliant pet owners are added to our non-compliance database.

     Pet Sterilization Compliance Services

Binding Agreements

A. This is achieved by having pet owners sign our legally binding spay/neuter contract at time of purchasing the puppies.

Compliance 360º

B. Our smart system designed for staying in contact with pet owners to ensure timely fulfilment of spay/neuter contracts.

Uploads Center

C. Secure portal for pet owners to upload proof of the sterilization procedure completed by the pet's veterinarian.

Compliance Officers

D. A pet sterilization compliance officer reviews the proof and verifies it with veterinarian prior to submitting it to the breeder.

Non Compliance DB

E. Maintain a non-compliance database, impose fees and/or resort to legal enforcement of contracts if necessary.