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Get help with the pet sterilization agreement

You will receive an email with a DocuSign link, simply click or tap on the review document link and sign the agreement by following the prompts on your screen. After all parties finalize the signing process you will receive a fully signed copy of the agreement for your records.

Once you receive the link to the DocuSign there is a 30-day period before it expires. However, your breeder may have a much shorter time frame for you to sign the agreement. Please keep in mind that not signing in a timely manner could result in a delay of your pet’s placement, as breeders are unlikely to send pets to homes without a signed sterilization agreement.

For any questions regarding your pet’s sterilization agreement process you can contact us directly by clicking or pressing on our chat button. Live chat hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. If live chat is unavailable, you can click or tap on the email icon in the bottom right corner of the page, one of our support specialists will respond to your inquiries during business hours.

Due to the legal repercussions and fees outlined in your individual agreement we urge you to abide by the signed contract. Our team is available and happy to assist you throughout the entire process.

If your contact information, such as your phone number, email or mailing address changes at any time prior to fulfilling your pet sterilization agreement you can email us with the subject “Request to update contact info” at Please make sure to include your name, the information you would like us to update on your record and the name of the breeder you purchased the pet from. We will notify you via email once the changes have taken effect.

Even after transferring the ownership of your pet to another person, you will still be responsible for the timely completion of the pet’s sterilization procedure by the deadline stated in your contract.
Uploading Documents
Find answer to common questions when uploading/submitting documents through the portal.

To upload a document through our portal, locate the “Upload Center” section, click or tap on the UPLOAD button under the box that best describes the document to be uploaded (proof, extension, or pet expired). Once the pet record search dialog appears, to find your pet’s agreement by providing the microchip number you purchased the pet already microchipped from the breeder, or by entering your email and the email of the breeder you purchased the pet from. If the search is successful, you will be prompted to attach the document to be uploaded and to provide an optional note if desired. Please keep in mind that only a single document can be attached to the upload form. After attaching the document simply click or tap the "Submit Document" button.

Our portal accepts PDF, JPEG and PNG file formats only. Please DO NOT attempt to submit any other file formats because the upload will fail.

We DO NOT accept file submissions via email to protect our breeders and pet owners by streamlining our process to mitigate margins for error due to misplacing any email that may contain attached documents.

Any form related to your pet’s sterilization agreement can be downloaded from the “Forms and Resources” section, that can be found on this page. There are three different fillable forms that may be downloaded, the sterilization proof from, the extension from, or the pet expired form. Please click or tap once on the download link for the form you need.

Our forms were designed to be simple in a lightweight single PDF file. However, if you need to upload multiple files, we recommend you combine them into a single PDF file and upload it with as many pages as you need.
Find common questions and answers regarding filing extension requests.

Extensions will be given on a case-by-case basis for a maximum period of 30 calendar days. For an extension to be approved your pet’s veterinarian needs to fill out our extension form certifying that your pet has a temporary medical condition.

Our team will review the extension request and verify it during the same day or on the following business day, depending on the time at which we receive the request. As a rule, we try our best to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

The process to request additional extensions is the same, make sure to have the pet’s veterinarian fill out and sign our extension form certifying that the extension is necessary due to a temporary medical condition.

Every extension request will have a non-refundable $30 fee payable during the submission of the extension through our portal.
Pet Expired
Find helpful questions and answers in the unfortunate event your pet expires prior fulfilling the sterilization contract.

In the unfortunate event a pet expires prior to fulfilling the sterilization agreement the pet owner would need to submit a “pet expired form” completed and signed by the pet’s veterinarian.

As a family of pet owners, we understand the very real grief one goes through when losing a member of the family, and we sympathize with anyone who is experiencing it, but please keep in mind that unless we receive a pet expired form completed by the pet’s veterinarian and submitted through our portal the pet owner would still be considered responsible for the sterilization of the pet by the contractual deadline. If Neuter Compliance is not notified of the matter, legal proceedings and/or substantial fees for the pet owner may begin to accrue.

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